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Welcome to the May - August 2004 Birthday Club!

Members List

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On this page we'll list current members and welcome new members.

Photograph Babys




First Name Screen


Birthdate Spouse Name Babys


City State/


 Image hosted by Dwight Calvin 2/9/2004 Sherri dwights mom 10/15/1983 Lee (DF)
Wenatchee, WA Coalville, UK
Image hosted by Michael Hamilton III 5/5/2004 Melanie Sepiaeyes22 11/2/1973 Mike (DF) Sianna

 Image hosted by Zachariah Creighton 5/13/2004 Rebecca BeccaBZHost 4/4 Frank Celidah, Jade, Corbyn, and Jairon
 Image hosted by Emilia Brooke 5/15/2004 Kimberly Kimmm 6/10/1984 Gabriel (SO)

 Image hosted by David Micheal 5/18/2004 Mary-Ann mam1 9/3/1974 David (DH)


 Image hosted by Keira Danelle 5/20/2004 Dottie dottie_w 12/31/1980 Paul (DH) Caitlyn, Patrick Moses Lake WA
 Image hosted by Jacob William 5/20/2004 Tracey mpwife 9/9/1974 Jeremy (DH) Daniel, Austin

 Image hosted by MacKray Alivia 5/23/2004 Stacey exnavychick 8/29/1984 Tom (DH) #2 Edd 9/27/05
Image hosted by Jakob Clarence Anthony 5/26/2004 Courtney CourtneyCogdill 5/25/1982 Billy (DH)
Cosby TN

Benjamin Riley 5/26/2004 April 1boy_1girl 11/6 Wesley (DH) Layla Ball Ground GA
 Image hosted by Kaiden 5/29/2004 Sasha salamandertom 7/10 Rodney (DH) Jamison, Dillon, L.Riley Monadnock Region NH

Silas James 6/4/2004 Jenifer JenBZHost 4/23 Louis (DH)


 Image hosted by Corbin Mayer 6/4/2004 Jennifer momjen 10/17/1976 Ryan (DH)



Summer Isabella 6/5/2004 Adrienne adrienne3




 Image hosted by Ray Allen IV 6/6/2004 Andrea Mommy2raythe4 1/11/1983 Ray (DH)

 Image hosted by Emma Briar 6/8/2004 Ashley ragtime1912 8/14/1981 Todd (DH) Angel Baby Northwest WI
 Image hosted by Ian Peter Forbes 6/10/2004 Gail Gailb 7/18/1962 Rob (DH) Natalie


Maxwell Louis 6/11/2004 Laura ljd35 7/2/1968 Rocky (DH)


Image hosted by Lauren Abigail 6/12/2004 Michelle Kraftster 5/4/1973 Jim (DH)


 Image hosted by Jack Merlin 6/15/2004 Lisa gneissrock 1/25/1969 Daniel (DH)


 Image hosted by Ashlyn Olivia 6/15/2004 Lacy Lacybzhost 9/24/1976 Dave (DH) Ross, Hannah

 Image hosted by Gavin David 6/15/2004 Anna ma2gav 1/9/1976 Nick (SO)


 Image hosted by Kyle Robert 6/19/2004 Jennifer jennifers 1 10/7/1977 Glen (DH)
Summer WA
 Image hosted by Jacob Reagan 6/20/2004 Rachel rstm109 4/28/1976 Mark (DH)


 Image hosted by Emma Elizabeth 6/21/2004 Tawnya TawnyaAB 1/10/1974 Nathan Brandon, Nathan

Image hosted by
Dylan Edward 6/21/2004 Michelle adoptedpisces 2/27 Robert (DH)
Wichita KS
Image hosted by Connor Matthew 6/22/2004 Tina TinaVBZhost 11/25/1970 AJ (DH) Nicholas

 Image hosted by Owen Heath 6/24/2004 Stephanie reednowensmommy 10/12/1979 Heath Reed River Rouge MI
 Image hosted by Amber Louise 6/25/2004 Kim Chiquita2 2/22/1971 Dylan (DH)
Clawson MI
 Image hosted by Brenna 6/29/2004 Brooke lilriver 1/13/1977 Delmar (DH) Brooklyn Northern CA
 Image hosted by Mason 6/30/2004 AnnMarie 3boysforme 12/17/1974 Tom (DH) Tommy, Colin
Image hosted by Matthew Vance 6/30/2004 Aimee AimeeDanielle 8/1 Andy (DH) Mikaela, Noah
 Image hosted by Emma Rose 7/2/2004 Tracy tbesek 9/6 John (DH)

Image hosted by Lillian Jean 7/2/2004 Rachel ray ray 4/24 Mark Peter Chapel Hill NC
 Image hosted by Ayden Michael 7/5/2004 Kelly meyke17 5/17/1978 Mike (DH)
Oshkosh WI
 Image hosted by Tristan Julius-Blake 7/6/2004 Chrissy AJandTJsMommy 6/17/1982 Josh (DH) Avery Akron OH
 Image hosted by Robert Daniel Barton (AKA Bart) 7/11/2004 LaNette craftinmomma 1/7/1972 Bruce (DH)

 Image hosted by Jacob Joseph 7/12/2004 Liz LizzyBZhost 11/15 Craig (DH)
Louisville KY
 Image hosted by Ricky Lee

(website password is ricky02)

7/13/2004 Sabrina rickysmomma2004 7/31/1982 Ricky Jr. (SO)
Vacaville CA
 Image hosted by Lila Ashlyn 7/16/2004 Gabi BedMonsterLila 7/9/1984 Erik (SO)


 Image hosted by Noah James 7/17/2004 Jen JenLouise1984 6/13/1984 Justin (DH) #2 EDD 10/05 Colorado Springs CO
 Image hosted by Julia Catherine 7/18/2004 Tonia ToniaNGurlz 1/23/1968 Jeff (DH) Ashley, Kimberly, Selena

 Image hosted by Adam Gregory 7/19/2004 Nicole NicoleBZCapeCod 10/16/1982 Dave (DF) Julianna Cape Cod MA
 Image hosted by Cameron Mitchell 7/20/2004 Jenni boysby3 4/25/1984 Reggie (DH) Allen, Brandon Rockford IL
 Image hosted by Delaney Zoe 7/21/2004 Danielle eli-z-mom
Jason (DH) Elijah

 Image hosted by Callum Robert 7/23/2004 Karen Karen1760 3/27/1975 James (DH) Liam

 Image hosted by Kaitlyn Nicole 7/23/2004 Kelly kwatkinsaz 7/31/1980 Ronnie (DH)


  Layla Shay 7/24/2004 Jodi
laylashayla 9/17/1981 Matthew   Calgary Alberta
Image hosted by Lily Dianne 7/31/2004 Erika Lilysmomma 8/24 James (DH)

 Image hosted by Zachary Michael 8/4/2004 Cindy Singer 11/11/1975 Jason (DH)


 Image hosted by Allyson Kaye 8/4/2004 Amanda AmandaFBZHost 11/27/1977 Brian
Columbia TN
 Image hosted by Brandon Seth 8/5/2004 Aimee luvmy3boys77 4/16/1977 Bruce (DH) Cody, Matthew

 Image hosted by Kali Giselle 8/8/2004 Gypsy Gypy04 3/22/1984 Michael (DF)


 Image hosted by Andrew Ryan 8/9/2004 Ashley aek1 4/22/1981 Dave (DH)


 Image hosted by Emily-Jeanette 8/10/2004 Jenni mkdirector2bee
3/5/1973 Steve (DH) Jordan, Kylee

 Image hosted by Mackenzie Grace 8/11/2004 Nikki Kenziesmomma 1/11/1977 Chad (DH)
Farmington AK
 Image hosted by Megan Taylor 8/13/2004 Courtney CourtneyBZHost 8/26/1982 Jeremy (DH) Angel Baby

 Image hosted by Anthony Joseph 8/14/2004 Zynnia Zynnia 2/6/1972 Anthony (DH)


 Image hosted by Jenna Leigh 8/15/2004 Luanne Oneplease 12/6/1965 Paul (DH)
Suburb's of Phila PA

Ethan John 8/16/2004 Holy LaynesMommy 2/12/1979 David (DH) Layne


Brianna Lee 8/16/2004 Jennifer Jennifer T
Jeff (DH)
Oklahoma City OK
 Image hosted by Nicholas Robert 8/19/2004 Lana LanaP 5/12/1962 Jerry (DH)


 Image hosted by Greyson James 8/22/2004 Jasmine lil_frogger 12/5/1981

South CA
 Image hosted by Gabriel Mariusz 8/22/2004 Marcy due in august 8/16/1972 Jimmy (DH)


 Image hosted by Noah Finn 8/25/2004 Whitney Noah04 12/11/1975 Brandon (DH)


 Image hosted by Makenna Layne 8/26/2004 Amy Patula 2/28/1975 Scott (DH) Caleb, Olivia

Image hosted by Ryan William 8/30/2004 Leslie lesliej 10/23/1979 Ben (DH)

  Sydney Jade 8/31/2004 Tiffany teefahnee 12/19/1980 Scott (DH)     OH
 Image hosted by Zade 8/31/2004 Claire cici1978



In this area, I might include a link to the "Bulletin Board" page, which includes news and announcements about members.

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